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Very naive doubt about MWI

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    Hi to all. :)

    First of all i'm not cleary a physician, not even an amateur, only a writer and i hope that a so low level of knowledge don't offend anyone ^^' (my bad level and my broken english :look: )


    I have a question about the MWI. According with the most serious interpretation: we don’t have new universes that have been “create” every time, we already have “all” universe growing up in the same time, I have a doubt: how it can possible that two universe are “literally” the same universe except for one, single quantum event?

    I mean: our universe is the result of billions and billions and billions and billions (ecc) of elements that reactive each other in a billions and billions and billions and billions of different way for a very, very, very, very, very long time. How is possible that two universe product the same result?

    Now I try to see the problem in this way.

    In the Schrodinger experiment I put in the box George W. Bush (enough cat, poor animal… let him alone), with poison, electron and measurement tool. With spin positive I have a Bush live, with spin negative I have Bush not very well (I don’t wanna write “dead” cause I’m scared of the agency :look: ).

    Ok the experiment begin and in our universe the spine is positive, Bush is stile alive. This means that there is another universe with a Bush “not very well”?

    No, means that in another universe there is an electron with a negative spin, but in a different position or state, very probably there is no bush, no box, no poison and no earth.

    This way to see is compatible with the MWI? If not I return to first question, how is possible that so many variation are almost perfectly the same?

    Sorry for my broken English.
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    No problem about the English.

    In MW the universe simply evolves - that's it.

    To understand further you need to become acquainted with decoherence:
    http://www.ipod.org.uk/reality/reality_decoherence.asp [Broken]

    As a result you end up with what's called an improper mixed state purely by quantum evolution. Each outcome is 'in' that state and the interpretation is they are separate worlds.

    Its a bit difficult to discuss the detail at the beginner level. However for completeness the following gives the detail:

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