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Very question please help

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    very urgent question please help

    Hello every body: its Bashir over here.

    I really have very serious question need to be solved as soon as possible, I have tried but could not reach the right answer , so please everyone of you who has an ability to sort it out please do it.

    Note: You can use any assumptions if u need.

    The question is:

    I have a solution of humic acid ( 10mg/l) into 100ml glass pottle ( volume )

    I have put an adsorbent ( materila ) to adsorb humic acid from the solution which is deionized water.
    My adsrobent material is polymer beads ( cylindrical shape ).

    I need to know if these beads will adsorb the humic acid from the solution , so how many mgs of humic acid will be adsorbed by these beads ? say for instance the humic acid will be adsorbed as a monolayer on the beads

    As i said you could need to do some assumptions and u can do it because we do theortical calculation and that just to give us an indicator if how much amount of humic acid will be adsorbed on the beads.
    You can also assume the amount of the adsorbent material in order to get the surface area may be ( if u need it )

    its done.

    Please try to answer it as soon as possible.

    Best regardes

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    Humic acid is a charged species and exists as an anion in water. The 'beads' you are using is an anion-exchange resin. The anion exchange resin has a particular capacity to absorb anions which should be available from the supplier. The resin is loaded with a given anion (OH- for example) and your solution is passed through. The anion is exchanged with the anionic form of humic acid which remains bound to the beads. It is impossible for anyone here to say how much will be bound since humic acid is not a very well characterized material and you haven't given us any information regarding the resin beads.
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