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Homework Help: Very quick help please

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    Hi I need help for this problem very quick,please!

    A particle moving along the x axis is acted upon by a single force F=F0*e-kx, where F0 and k are constants. The particle is released from rest at x=0.

    What is the maximun kinetic energy it can attain?

    The answer is F0/k but I dont know how to get it.
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    Use conservation of energy.
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    By the work-energy theorem the change in kinetic energy of a particle is equal to the net work done on it. Over an infinitisimal distance [itex]dW=\vec{F}\cdot d\vec{s}[/itex]. To get the total work, you have to integrate. The particle starts at rest at x=0 and we want to know the highest kinetic energy it could ever reach. You should be able to figure out what limits to integrate over.
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    Thank you very much.
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