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Very Quick U Value Question

  1. Jul 23, 2009 #1

    My first post! Thank you for any replies!

    When looking at U values for windows (= 1/R) they are 99% of the time in the units

    W/(K*sq meters)

    A certain manufacture has their units in

    W/(sq meters)/(degree C)

    Now, the degree C to Kelvin should have no effect on my calculations (because the Heat flow formula subtracts temp), but the fact that the temperature unit is being divided twice (or just multiplied) instead of just being divided causes me some worry.

    Has anyone seen this before, can you convert from the bottom units to the top? Do you think its just a mistake?

    The bottom units have unusually small U values compared to the normal.

    Thank you!
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    What does "W/(sq meters)/(degrees C)" mean? That's just bad notation. It could mean either "W/[(sq meters)/(degrees C)]" which would be better written "[W(degrees C)]/(sq meters)", which seems to be they way you are interpreting it, or "[W/(sq meters)]/(degrees C)" which would be better written "W/[(sq meters)(degrees C)]" and is probably what was intended.
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    Thank you for your reply!

    Sorry, thats how I typed it, here is how they have it


    But you think they mean

    (W/m²*C) ?
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