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Very sickening.

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    The guy doesn't even have a regular television show. His spiel is presented in an infomercial format.
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    The Holiest Crackers ever invented!!
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    Is there nothing legally that can be done against *restrains from using vulgar language*...him?
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    That anyone would believe this, should frighten us all.

    If an omniscient god were to exist, surely he knows of our plights already, regardless of what piece of cardboard we eat.

    With regard to intervention, it would be nice to see a god eliminate some devastating diseases, or perhaps reduce famine, instead of just giving people $50,000 checks...:rolleyes:
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    As mentioned in another thread , my preacher father was an agnostic. Unfortunately, several of his siblings were raving Jesus freaks. One of them dragged us off to a revival meeting one night (we had no choice, since we were staying at their place on vacation).
    The first thing that the revivalist said was that he had never felt such a sense of disbelief in a crowd before in his career, and looked directly at my parents and me. (So, obviously, he knew beforehand that my dad had his Masters in Religious Studies from McGill, but he would have said that anyhow to cover his ass when things didn't work out.)
    Along with his other 'miracles', he relieved an elderly man of his hearing aids, whereupon the old fart pranced about saying 'I can hear! I can hear!'
    Too bad for the revivalist, the guy's neighbour was in the crowd. His comment, for all to hear, was "I've known that son of a ***** for 40 years, and he's never been deaf a day in his life." Pretty stupid to plant a shill from the 'hood. :rolleyes:
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    I feel your pain Danger...I too suffer from a bad case of "reborn family members" :cry:

    As for people believing this crap:

    "Never underestimate the extent of human stupidity."
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    Amen to that (and I mean that in the original translation of the word, which essentially means 'so be it'). :wink:
    As for the 'pain' part, we were their guests, and went along for the sake of family harmony. On the other hand, when trying to explain the circumstances of my dad's death to his even more Jesus freakish sister, she went ballistic on me and blamed it all on me (as if I can induce prostate cancer; and she was a nurse!). I put up with it for about a minute and a half, then just told her to **** off and die. That was in '79, and I've had no contact with the ***** since. I only hope that she's as dead as my father.
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    I was sort of seeing a jesus freak for a little while. She waas a rather bright girl. One day though she told me about how she had been feeling lonely since so many of her friends had gone away or changed so she went driving around late at night until she saw a church that had the lights on. Inside she found a youth group meeting in progress that apparently culminated in the pastor exorcising a demon from a girl there at the group. When she told me how amazing and wonderful it was I knew I could never date her.
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    Unfortunately, SA, sometimes you can just never tell until it's too late.
    W isn't rabid about it, but she's a bloody Christian, which would have been a deal-breaker had I known about it before I fell in love with her. She has little Jesuses all over the apartment. I ignore them, in general, but do I really want to have that one that watches me taking a dump?
    I got my revenge on her, though. Our entryway opens onto one set of stairs up to the living room, and another beside it going down to the bedrooms. The ceiling is about 6 metres high at that point. On the 'header' over the downward stairwell, I tacked up my favourite poster from my single days, so it's the first thing that anyone sees when they come in the front door. It's done in Old English typeface and says:

    Though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death
    I shall fear no evil:
    For I am the meanest son of a ***** in the valley.

    A visitor glanced at it and said "I'm glad to see that you finally came around." I told her to read it again... she did and went a little pale. :devil:

    edit: By the bye, PF went down while I was doing my previous post, and then it came up repeated. Will a Mentor please delete the second instance thereof, since it's past the 'Edit' time limit?
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    Those folks are pretty desparate usually because something is very wrong in their lives, e.g. ill-health. Unfortunately, there are charlatans (con-men, swindlers) who will take advantage of such people and their misfortune.
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    Anyone saw Jesus camp?

    It's so disturbing I can't even get past two minutes of this clip.
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    Heaven knows that if miracle's not happened for somone, it's all her/his fault since there's something wrong with his faith, and s/he must work on it more!
    I'm not sure if anyone can swear that s/he'd never(try to) believe in these things if someone would have faced the same trouble as these people in the future!
    As for what mentioned about dating/living with someone who doesn't share the same view point on religion and that sort of stuff, well I guess I don't mind that as long as that person'd show some respect towards my personal beliefs, wouldn't try to convert me, wouldn't speak and act base on hings that doesn't make sense. That means I just can't stand extremists of both sides and am ok with the rest.
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    Ok, ok, ok, even though it brings in a lot of money, you've convinced me, I won't do it again. Promised... :redface: :biggrin:
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    I wonder if I could find that one somewhere.

    By the way I most recently went after a girl I nicknamed Danger. ;-p
    Unfortunately that didn't turn out well either. Maybe the nickname jinxed it. :-/
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    I know how to get rid of jinxing and bad luck!It do wonders.o:)
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    The sad thing is she was lonely and just found some friends. She probably wouldn't believe in that stuff otherwise.

    I saw a documentary on the KKK. Some of the members adopt kids or just take them in. Interviews with the kids showed that they were happy to be accepted and part of something more than hating black and jews. It seems like they are believing whatever "the group" believes in in order to stay accepted.
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    She must have been a lesbian. Anyone named Danger only likes girls. :wink:

    Poop-Loops, to show you how socially backward we Canuks are... one of the leading members of the Alberta KKK branch is black. :rolleyes:
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    That these people have protection under the law is just despicable. What they are doing is very nearly murder.
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