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Very simple question with NOUN

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    Noun is a word indicatng properies, things.

    In you lovely native language, please show me how you think about these:

    Is there anyone who won't think "a book" is a noun ?? :blushing:
    How about the verb "to leave" ? Anyone thinks it is not a verb ?
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    "Book" can also be used as a verb. "Leave" can also be used as a noun.

    Is that your question?

    I guess the concise answer is that it depends on the context.
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    I oly want to know how many people think "a book" is not a noun. I am not asking about word usage
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    As dav2008 has pointed out, the same word can be used in different ways to mean different things, so to know how a word is being used, English speakers look at its relationships wth other words in the sentence.

    You can make sentence frames with blank spaces that can only be filled by a word from a certain word class, or category. If you put a word in the blank in "A _____ ...", then that word will usually be interpreted as a noun. The frame "... to _____ ..." doesn't work as well because "to", in addition to being used as the infinitival particle, can also be used as a normal preposition, as in "I went to a movie", where it is followed by a noun (or determiner) phrase instead of being followed by an infinitive. A better verb frame is "I _____." where only a single word is allowed to fill the blank. If you don't mind getting a little bit more complicated, we can make better frames.
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    I can "book" a flight and take "leave" of you on it.
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