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Homework Help: Very simple symbol question regarding a logarithmic function (I can't find it!)

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    Well I have this leftwards arrow in my book describing the solution to a logarithmic function and I've not seen it thus far and (if I was ever introduced to it) have since forgot what it means!

    When asked to find log(3)9
    3^x = 9
    3^x = 3^2
    <--x = 2
    log(3)9 = 2

    I'm not sure what the leftwards arrow beside the x is for :(

    Please forgive my logarithmic notation, I'm aweful with latex(?) so please note that 3 is the base (so I separated it in brackets).
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    I don't think there is anything "standard" there. It's just the author's way of telling you to substitute the value x = 2 into the equation or that x = 2 is the solution.
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    I'll take a guess: "it follows from".
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