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Very specific Q's on the P and H operators

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    I ask very specific Questions on the P momentum operator and the H energy operator:
    Who the first gave them their commonly known spacial and timporal differential form? Was he really Schrodinger? On what basis they are so? Is they depend on the classical mechanics correspondance principle/postulate?
    Finally I like to get the reference to whatever you knowledgable poeple of QM reply to me.
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    No,he was Schrödinger.

    Because they correctly repreduce Schrödinger's equation.

    The principle of correspondance was formulated by N.Bohr,after having seen the results obtained by Schrödinger and,generall,QM.

    In 1926,in "Annalen der Physik",Erwin Schrödinger published 5 articles (though Weinberg* mentions only 4):
    *Vol.79,page 361.
    *Vol.79,page 489.
    *Vol.79,page 734 (not mentioned by Weinberg*,but part of the footnote on the first page of (**)).
    *Vol.80,page 437.
    *Vol.81,page 109 (containing in the 6-th section the relativistic Schrödinger equation,according to Weinberg*).

    The general ideas and results of these articles (less the relativistic equation) were published by Erwin Schrödinger in English in the American journal:
    "The Physical Review",Second Series,Vol.28,No.6,page 1049,Dec.1926 (**)

    In this article the correspondence:
    [tex] p_{x}\rightarrow \frac{h}{2\pi}\frac{\partial \psi}{\partial x} ,... [/tex]

    is found in section #7,page 1064 (of the Journal),in the text between formulas #22 and #23.

    And in formula #23 he gives the general classical Hamiltonian as a quadratic form of momenta + the potential energy and then applies the same rule to the classical momenta.
    Equation #26 is the generalization of equation #16,the latter giving the time-independent SE for one particle in the potential field V...


    * Steven Weinberg,"The Quantum Theory of Fields",CUP,1995,Volume 1,page 40-41.
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    Can anyone help me find an english electronic version of the Annalen der Physik "five" papers
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    help! Again:
    Can anyone help me find an english electronic version of the Annalen der Physik "five" papers
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