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Very strange

  1. May 9, 2005 #1
    For a while now, id say a matter of months that i can remember, i will say the number 20 or 27 in my head. I never mean to or plan to, but i still do from time to time. It hasnt happened lately, but its very strange. I will be walking from class to my apartment and talking to myself in my head, and then all of a sudden "twenty-seven." discuss...
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    You are indeed...

    very strange.
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    I feel your pain OU. Sometimes, in a British accent I repeat outloud, "...number nine....number nine..." and hear creepy flutes.
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    ...number nine...number nine...I love Revolution 9...number nine...number nine...and then they became...naked!...number nine...
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    You really love it? I've found that I instinctivly hit NEXT TRACK as soon as it starts when I listen to that wonderful White Album.
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    Block that Nixon!
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    ...number nine...number nine...number nine...I think it is totally cool. Strangely and interestingly it contains a fragment of Beethoven's "Choral Fantasy", which is considered to be a "sketch" for his Symphony Number Nine...number nine...number nine...
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    Does anyone have scientific insight, if such exists?
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    Kind of like how the time I see most on a clock is 12:34?

    It's only because it looks funny, by the way.
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    so does 11:37. Id imagine in your case it has something to do with a relation to something else in your life.
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