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Very Thick Sweater

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    There is a theater nearby my house which has so cold aircon (it's only theater with good quality and accessible). But I have to wear 5 shirts and 2 normal sweaters and still feel cold. What kind of sweater is there out there that is so thick or equivalent to 5 shirts/2 sweaters or more all worn same time? Is this how those eskimo sweater feel like. How do you know the thickness and coldness reduction factor of thick sweaters?
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    Personally, I find wool sweaters to be the warmest. The thicker, the warmer.
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    what kind of sweater do they use in Antarctica (seriously)?
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    I think you need to bring a thermometer to the theater and get a reading of the actual temperature. Then look online to find out the optimum indoor temperature for comfort. Then present this info to the theater with some kind of calculation of how much money they're wasting in cooling the space below that temperature.
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    re keeping warm in cold. it's possible to dress lightly and be warm.

    layer up layer down. > inner layer tuck legs into socks, top into bottoms.
    outer layer. reverse.

    much heat is lost through soles into cold ground and from uncovered head so

    put felt inserts in shoes.

    wear cap/hat.
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    I want to order from internet the sweater worn in Antarctica but no idea how thick it is. Has anyone gone to Antarctica or sit down for hours in snows. What kind of sweater did you use (one piece only) and how many equivalent shirts and normal sweater it is?
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    traditional norwegian thermal underwear top and long johns have a waffle texture weave. Wool is best.

    With that and a shoe felt insert and hat you can dress lightly. All blood passes through your head and feet. Head and feet are poorly insulated compared to trunk.

    Keeping your head and feet (blood) warm by piling up on the trunk is a loosing battle.

    Insulate the bits that lose heat a lot like head and feet.
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    Thermal underwear + any number of shirts and sweaters + goose (or equivalent microfiber) coveralls. Thermal socks. Arctic balaclava. Chemical heaters if more heat is needed.
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