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Very VERY simple question

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    compute the following:

    log base 4 (64) + 15*log base 32 (2)

    I can't remember how to solve something like this. Makes me feel like an idiot, but I figured it never hurts to ask.
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    You need the basic definition of a log.

    C = logB A iff BC = A

    Apply that definition and it should be pretty easy.
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    I have strong reasons to believe that your answer is 6.
    To prove that for yourself,try to apply the following formula
    [tex]\log_{a}b =\frac{\log_{c} b}{\log_{c} a} [/tex]


    PS.I assumed you're familiar with this one:
    [tex] \log_{c} x^{y} = y\log_{c} x [/tex].
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    Integral's way is much simpler than dextercioby's.

    64= 43 so log4 64= ?

    32= 25 so 2= 321/5. What is log32 2?
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