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Very very very easy

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    Very very very easy :)

    Determine the "degree of a polynomial" of the following and its Classification (monomial, binomial, trinomial or multinomial)

    Degree Classification
    1. 5(ab+c) ________ ___________
    2. 7(x^2y+yz)+3(z^3+2a^4b) ________ ___________

    Arranging a polynomial to standard form.


    My instructor didn't explain those to us...so please help me. It's just a simple problem...
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    I think I don`t understand your question correctly, but if it`s ok so a^2bc+a^3-a^2b+a^3x = a^2(b(c-1)+a(1+x))
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    First, foil all those expressions out.
    Second, what is a monom, a binom, a trinom, .... a polynom...?????

    A monom is any expression which includes the product of any constant with any power of a variable.

    A binom, is an expression which includes the sum/difference between two monoms.etc...
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    The "degree of a polynomial" is its highest total power: so x3 has degree 3 and so does x2y or xyz.

    "Standard form" for a polynomial normally (and you didn't state the definition you are using) is in decreasing power of one of the variables. If we use "a" as that variable, the standard form would be (1+ x)a3+ (bc+ b)a2.
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    Reading the ^ signs and other stuff makes me woozy. Thank God for Latex.
    Hey HallsofIvy, how did you write all the exponents in a nice way that's readable?
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    Math Is Hard

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    He's using superscript tags. Hit the quote button under his post and you'll see how he did it.
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    I'm just testing this, using the Latex Reference for the compose part of the forum.
    None of the compose + Latex Reference is working; most of what I put was cut-off.
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