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Very weird luminous bed sheet ?

  1. Oct 24, 2013 #1
    Very weird luminous bed sheet ??

    I spent the night at another place yesterday. At night, the bed sheet (which was a bit "plasticy") would shine intense greenish light when I run my hands over it.

    The light sometimes converges to a specific point, as if there was an LED placed underneath. if I rub the same spot again, it won't luminate as much. The light was powerful and the whole experience was weird.

    What made it even more strange is that this only works on the top side of the bed, i.e. under my shirt, not my pants!

    Is this intended by the fabric manufacturer? If so, what is this type of fabric called?

    I can attach a video if needed.

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    Cool! Yes, please show a clip, I'd like to see it!

    Did you hear any sound, like weak, hi-pitched "popping" sounds? Because my first thought was it seems like an static electricity phenomenon, since I have experienced similar things in darkness when I've touched certain objects (but I don't remember exactly what it was, it might have been me combing my cat or something :smile:).
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    "Luminous bed sheet"? Are you sure it wasn't a ghost?
  5. Oct 24, 2013 #4
    DennisN - I didn't hear any sounds when the light was emitted, and the light doesn't act like a spark (which makes me think it could be intended by the manufacturer)

    HallsofIvy - Could be, only problem is I don't believe they exist!

    Anyway, I hope this happens again today so I can have it on camera.
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    Does the owner of the bed not know what's happening ?
  7. Oct 24, 2013 #6
    Actually it's a furnished place that I rented, haven't met the landlord since to discuss this with him
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  9. Dec 14, 2016 #8
    Interesting to read this, I also happened to me when I was in a rented place at Lake Tahoe. I got curious so searched and got here
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