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VFD control circuit funtions

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    I,m Novice on VFDs and I was called to reconnect control circuits and program one of them for a duplex control panel(water booster system). I figured out the I/O terminals on the new drive but don't know it functions. Where I can get those function from since the only source is the old drive from other manufacture next to it?

    Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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    You should have the drive manual for both the old and the new- Google it, I am sure it is out there somewhere. Otherwise your question is too general for us to be much help.
    The parameters for each drive will be similar for the motor perfomance, but the control and IO can be different. For the old one look for some method to make a copy (file) of the program / parameters.
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    Thanks , I already have the old drive manual. I guess looking at its function I will be able to program the new one.

    Thanks again
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