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Homework Help: VHDL help in state machines

  1. Jul 4, 2011 #1
    VHDL help in state machines!!

    I have to write a vhdl code to accept inputs serially in the form of bytes(1 byte at a time). These bytes are in a particular order i.e they are received in packets where each packet is a frame with a specific number of bytes. This number of bytes in a frame can be defined by the user and is fixed. The main purpose of my code is to:
    1. Assign one special byte to mark the beginning of each frame.
    2. Search for the special byte in order to start receving data.
    3. If the special byte is not found at regular intervals i.e after the number of bytes that the user defined, an error is indicated. Variables to keep count of the errors and the number of special bytes are assigned.
    4. If the special byte is found before or after the specific number of bytes, then besides indicating an error, the code should resume receiving data from that special byte.

    I know that i have to go about it using state machines, but i don't exactly understnd how the structure of the program and states should be

    This was my attempt at the program and i know it is wrong. how can i correct it to do what i want it to do:
    Code (Text):

    -- [B][COLOR="Blue"][B][B]entity packet_format_error_detection is
    port (

          data_receive, special_byte : in STD_LOGIC_VECTOR(0 to 7);
            no_of_bytes : in STD_LOGIC_VECTOR(0 to 7);
            clock, subclock : in STD_LOGIC
    end final_packet_format_error_detection;

    architecture statemachine of packet_format_error_detection is
     type statetype is (IDLE, START_DETECTION, RECEIVE_DATA);
     signal state, next_state: statetype;
     signal no_error_bytes : integer range  0 to 1024;
     signal no_special_bytes : integer range 0 to 1024;
     signal byte_count : integer range 0 to 1024;

    operation: process(state, data_receive, special_byte, no_of_bytes, no_error_bytes, no_special_bytes )

    no_error_bytes <= 0;
    no_special_bytes <= 0;
    byte_count <= 0;

    case state is

    when IDLE => if(data_receive = special_byte) then
                     next_state <=    START_DETECTION;
                     else next_state <= IDLE;
                     end if;

    when START_DETECTION => if( clock'event and clock = '1') then
                                        next_state <= RECEIVE_DATA;
                                        next_state <= START_DETECTION;
                                    end if;
    when RECEIVE_DATA => if( subclock'event and subclock = '1') then
                                    byte_count <= byte_count + 1;
                                     if(data_receive = special_byte) then
                                        if(byte_count = no_of_bytes) then
                                            no_special_bytes <= no_special_bytes + 1;
                                            byte_count <= 0;
                                            next_state <= IDLE;
                                            no_special_bytes <= no_special_bytes + 1;
                                            no_error_bytes <= no_error_bytes + 1;
                                            byte_count <= 0;
                                            next_state <= RECEIVE_DATA;
                                        end if;
                                        next_state <= RECEIVE_DATA;
                                     end if;
                                        next_state <= RECEIVE_DATA;
                                end if;
    end case;
                    end process;
    end statemachine;

    I can explain it in even better detail if necessary. Please help me at the earliest.
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  3. Jul 5, 2011 #2
    Re: VHDL help in state machines!!

    Can you provide some documentation on the design you are using? Graphs, flowcharts, processes, etc.

    It is very difficult to "correct" code when you don't know the design information.
  4. Jul 5, 2011 #3
    Re: VHDL help in state machines!!

    the main reason i put up the code was to give you an idea as to how i was approachin it.. i want help in finding out if this approach is good or there are other better ways of achieving the result.. i would like to know how to frame the logic of this program.. thanks in advance..
  5. Jul 5, 2011 #4


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    Re: VHDL help in state machines!!

    Welcome to the PF.

    I agree with KingNothing -- please at least post your State Diagram to help make it easier to go through your code. Thanks.
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