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VHDL input to matrix

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    Hello all. So there is a Din signal that is sending some integers according to some clock, my goal is to get each one of these integers and store it in a 8 x 8 matrix. Here is the code I have done, please tell me what you think. Also a quick question: In my code I have assumed that when the compiler goes in and out of the process function, my variables ii and jj will retain there values, so in C++ for example I would assign them as static variables. Is my assumption true? Thank you.
    Code (Text):

                    PROCESS (Din)  
                if (jj < 8) LOOP       
                    if (ii < 8) LOOP
                        InBlock(jj,ii) := Din; -- assigning array slot to Dinput...
                        IF ii = 7 THEN
                            jj := jj + 1;
                            ii := 0;   
                        END IF;
                        ii := ii + 1;
                    END LOOP;
                END LOOP;
            END PROCESS;
    PS: I hope this isn't a misplaced post
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