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Viable for geophysics degree?

  1. Aug 29, 2009 #1
    I've posted on a few geology and geophysics forums, but as someone said in a post somewhere here, trying to get an answer in one of those types of forums would take a while because geologists are too busy looking at the ground and watching rocks move.

    Anywho, onto my question. I've recently decided to try and pursue a degree in geophysics for graduate school, but I have a problem. At the university I attend, there isn't any sort of geology, geophysics, or related degree program or concentration. The closest that is offered in a biology concentration in earth sciences which focuses more on things like environmental issues, habitats, and what have you. I currently am going for an undergraduate degree in applied mathematics with a minor in physics. I also plan to take as many geology classes as I can get. Unfortunately, there is not a wide selection of these types of classes to choose from. The only classes offered are these:
    • Intro to Geology
    • Petroleum Geology
    • Environmental Geology
    • Coastal Marine Geology
    • Basic Hydrogeology
    • Geomorphology
    • Paleoanalysis - Lakes and Environmental Change
    • Hydrogeology - Water Resources
    Would this list be a viable one? Other things I could perhaps supplement this list with are field work with a local geologist here, as well as perhaps an internship with a local gas and exploration company which has a few geologists and geophysicists on staff.
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