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Vibrating strings

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    How do we describe vibrating strinGs and branes?
    Is this connected with vibration of circular or quadratic membrane and PDE Helmholtz equation and how?

    How to test string theory in experiments?
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    Vibrating strings are described in terms of a 2-dimensional conformal field theory on the string worldsheet. In English: a worldsheet is the 2-dimensional surface swept out by a 1-dimensional string as it moves through spacetime. The fields themselves are the quantized coordinates of the string; the field excitations are manifested as vibrations of the string.

    AFAIK, string theory so far does not offer any unique predictions. However, the discovery of supersymmetric particles at the LHC would be an interesting development.
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    Does it action on worldsheet define a vibration ?

    Does it worldsheet locally shape like this
    or like this
    This is a equation of drum from wikipedia.
    Does String theory has such equations?
    Can you instruct me how to learn to write action on worldsheets?
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    Essentially. The vibrations are plane waves.
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