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Vibration Analysis Software

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    Hello everyone. I'm trying to find out if there is any software that is utilized by engineering firms to analyze and process accelerometer data. Ultimately, we had instrumented a product and acquired data. Now we would like to view and compare the data so we can select the best samples then to some post processing to remove unnecessary sections so that we can use the data on a vibration table. We have some 65 files with 8 channels of data in each file. It would be particularly nice if the software allowed us to view and make changes for all the channels in a file simultaneously as some of our tests will be performed on a MAST. We will also need to be able to convert the data into PSD data to run random vibration profiles. An added bonus would be if it can export useful information like GRMS, peak to peak displacement, Peak Acceleration, etc. and all its graphs (time and freq domains) so we can put it in a report/presentation. Google searches have yielded some results, but its overrun by FEA analysis tools and I can't get a feel for how good some of this software is. Thanks in advance.
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