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Vibration in cylinder arrays

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    Does anyone know how to calculate the vibration in a pipe with water flowing through it? I have no idea where to start or what formula to use.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Water flowing through a pipe will not cause it to vibrate with any regular oscillation. Are you referring to a vibration caused by an external source?
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    Unless this is a homework problem I can't picture this being a big problem in reality.

    However, if it is for research/homework than you'd have to determine the turbulence in the flow of the water. Which can depend on variables such as, speed of water, design of the pipe, etc. For instance, the smoother the pipe surface from inside on a micro-scale, the less turbulent the flow will be which will cause less vibration.

    But as I said, in most practical scenarios, this is never an issue...
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    Are you referring to water hammer??
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    There can be induced vibrations due to vortex shedding, etc... from valving and pumps. Usually the big things I have dealt with are noise due to piping which is of course vibrations.

    I think the OP needs to be more precise about what it is they are looking for.
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    There will be turbulent flow of water within the pipe. And I'm interested in the noise generated by the vibrations. To be specific I want to compare the oscillation frequency of two pipes with different inner diameters. So I don't need to find the actual amount of noise, but some way to compare the two pipes with regards to vibration or oscillation frequency.
    Thanks for the input so far ^^
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