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Vibration of fixed-fixed beam

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    Suppose we have a fixed-fixed beam with a distributed force acted in between -on a part of the beam.

    I have found out the fundamental mode of vibration i.e calculated the fundamental resonant frequency of the above case.

    But there will be higher order mechanical modes too.. In case I have to isolate the higher order modes from the fundamental mode, how should I design the system?

    Any way I can go about doing this?

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    What do you mean exactly "isolate" the higher order modes? Are you trying to damp the higher natural frequencies while leaving only first mode?
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    This question cannot really be completely answered until you know fully what you have to deal with. By that I mean, until you know what higher modes are present at significant amplitudes, the fix cannot be fully specified.

    In general, however, the most effective damping of the higher modes will be that which is applied at the points of maximum amplitude of the modes being suppressed. Thus you need to find the modes that must be suppressed and plan damping accordingly.
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