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Vibration/SHM Help!

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    Can anyone help me with this problem? Thank-you

    1) A mass-spring system oscillates with an amplitude of 3.5 cm. The spring constant is 230 N/m and the mass is 0.50 kg. The
    mechanical energy of the mass-spring system is 0.14 joules. Calculate the maximum acceleration of the mass-spring system.

    I'm not sure what formula I would use... am I solving for g?
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    The problem is asking for the maximum acceleration of the mass-spring system, and acceleration, a, = dv/dt.

    One is given the spring constant, k, and mass, m, from which one may obtain the angular frequency,[itex]\omega[/itex], of the system.

    One is also given the maximum amplitude.

    Taking x(t) of the spring, which is the position of the mass from equilibrium, one can fine dx/dt, and d2x/dt2.
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