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Vibration switch

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    Say a vibration switch is used as a trigger in a bike alarm. I know it will be more sensitive than a tilt switch, but once the vibration switch has been triggered, does it return to its "normally open" status simultaneously?
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    It’s probably safe to assume that there is an “off the shelf” device to suit your needs. If not, the switch can be used to activate a relay. Relays have normally “open” contacts and normally “closed “ contacts. Once a relay is activated the status of the switch can be ignored. In other words, using one or more relays, a simple logic circuit can be used to achieve your needs. If you have some knowledge of electronics, solid state components can be used in place of the relays.
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    One thing that can be used as a vibration sensor is a microphone.
    Turning it into a switch is the design challenge.

    Other than that it's time to do a product search and read specs.
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