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Vibration to sound

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    Is there a way to turn vibrational energy(if such a thing) into acoustic energy. Like for simplicity, i say you bank a tuning fork, which sends vibrational energy through a copper wire, and it is then transformed into audible sound from a speaker. possible?
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    Sound is vibration.

    If something is vibrating at a frequency in the audible range, and at a sufficient amplitude, you can hear it, providing it's moving enough air between you and it for your ears to detect it.

    I'm not quite sure how you want your proposed set-up to work, but anything which is vibrating at the same frequency as that tuning fork will make a sound if it shifts enough air for you to be able to detect it. This is partly why speakers are shaped as they are, - the surface area can move a lot of air. A thin copper wire vibrating axially wouldn't be able to do this nearly as well.
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    well its an engine on a steel frame, a small scooter engine. could these frame vibrations be turned into sound thereby reducing stress?
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    Not practicably.

    If the vibrations are sufficient to cause damage, then something is wrong.
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    Sound simply means that something (gas, liquid or solid) is vibrating with a frequency in the 'acoustic' range - the range in which we can hear.

    Brewnog is correct, there is no practical way to convert mechanical vibration to useful energy. It is better to dampen the vibration, and perhaps stiffen the system to reduce vibration. Excessive vibration may introduce fatigue issues.
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