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Vibrational Analysis

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    Please tell me some useful link from where i can get useful information on dynamic analysis.....i have posted a question regarding Harmonic Analysis in this forum ....but no reply till yet.....
    please give me details of the resources/forum from where i can get tips regarding Mechanical Vibration of structures....
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    I suggest you go to the nearest library. You should easily find several books on vibration (spectrum) analysis.

    knovel.com has good resources, but I think requires membership.

    http://www.caam.rice.edu/~modelreduction/Papers/harmonic.pdf [Broken]

    http://www.reliabilityweb.com/fa/vibration.htm [Broken] has some good stuff that can be accessed through a free registration. I would suggest you try the audio tutorial titled "The process of spectrum acquisition".
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    There are volumes of material on this ... if you search any online book store you'll find a large collection, most of them quite recent. While there may be some doubt about the quality of some of these books I'd believe most of them do a decent job in presenting the principles of dynamic analysis - taking Gokul's advice is likely the fastest way to get results, web material I've seen tends to be either quite specific or too general. I've got a couple of books which address the specifics of vibration analysis of composite structures lieing somewhere (like Whitney's Structural Analysis of Laminated Anisotropic Plates) ... I'll get back to you on the other thread if no one beats me to it.
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    Define structures. Are you talking modal analysis, rotational dynamics or something else?
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    I need to get a complete flow chart of step by step vibrational analysis which has to be performed on Honeycomb Sandwich Panel Structure....it is like a cube which will hold necessary electronic component like a satellite structure......right now i m doing Harmonic Analysis of Strcuture...then will go to transient ...then Modal Analysis.....in This regard need to get useful materials....standards...in these aspects
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