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Vibrations of a thin plate

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    I'm triyng to model electric drive with a load in simulink.
    The load is a thin plate of a known dimensions, axis of rotation is passes through the center of mass parallel to the lower and upper edges. The motor is direct drive and moves the plate on a known angle with a known acceleration, then stops.
    The plate is elastic and start to vibrate. Important thing that the force of gravity isn't considering as the whole thing is working in Space.

    My question is - how to find an amplitude, frequency and time period before vibrations will subside?
    I've read some stuff about D'Alembert's principle, generalized equations of motion etc (it seems that I studied this things, but forgot completely), but still far from the solution.
    I would be very grateful if you could advise how this things can be calculated and/or modelled, which methods can be used, some related readings etc, any help will be appreciated.
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