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Vibrations questions

  1. May 6, 2004 #1
    I'm trying to design a vibration absorber that will reduce the vibration of a machine by about 60%. I found the equations of motion of the machine without the absorber to be..
    m1+x2"+ k1*x1+k2(x1-x2)+C2(x1'-x2')=Fo*sin(wt)
    and the absorber alone to be..

    How do I do a two degree of freedom system (the machine and absorber together)? I have to calculate the natural frequencies and write the equations of motion in matirx form, and find the K and M matrices, form M^(-1)*K, and for designed k2 and c2, find the eigenvalues of M^(-1)*K. I really don't have much experience with this area, can someone please help me?
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