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Vibrations & Waves: recommend a book asap ;p

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    This is second week of our class, despite understanding what is being taught or being assigned to read, i'm having troubles with homework....it's taking too long. Our professor gives out challenging problems (or so the other classmates say), however i think i could work them out quicker...more efficiently....if only i had some practice with problems.

    we're using Vibrations and Waves (M.I.T. Introductory Physics Series) https://www.amazon.com/Vibrations-W...=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1264386068&sr=1-1 for our Physics course.

    The book is pretty nice...it's well written, easy to read...but has no worked out problems (or so it seems). There seem to be around 20 or less end of chapter problem. Our professor barely does application problem (he's usually consumed doing derivations)...since we'll also cover Thermodynamics in this course, which means faster paced course...i don't have high hopes for more problem/solutions in lectures.

    whenever i'm assigned homework...even before getting to the homework, i usually spend a hour or half searching for good practice problems over the net...a lot of time i stumble upon something irreverent to the course. Then i spend another hour or so learning how to solve these problems...and then only i can even start w/ my homework. {I have tried getting straight to the homework...but it barely worked}

    So help me out here, gimme some internet reference sites (vibration and waves course page at universities, online posted lecture notes, online solutions), recommend a book (a manual, guide, textbook with decent amount of problem) or anything else that you think will help me out.

    { yes i've checked MITOPENCOURSEWARE (w/ vid, quizzes, and exams)...it seems to be helpful }

    thanks a ton in advance!!!!!!!!
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    bump...anyone? :(
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    Many general intro-physics textbooks cover waves and also have student solutions guides with worked out problems. Perhaps that is a reasonable approach. I also really like the book on electromagnetic vibrations, waves and radiation by Bekefi and Barrett, but it doesn't have a whole lot of worked out examples and after the first couple of chapters really focuses on EM waves. But it really is excellent.

    The book by Pain is a mixed bag - the third edition was one of the texts when I took such a course for third semester physics (the main text was Bekefi and Barrett). I recall that Pain wasn't the strongest on physical applications, and many of the problems were uninspiring, and some were no more than algebraic manipulations. But perhaps a cheap used copy of an old edition won't cost you too much and might help.

    Waves courses seem to be a little funny - they are often in the space ibetween intro-physics and upper division physics, so the books tend to hold your hand less than the intro books. That may be part of why I am mostly drawing a blank on waves books with lots of worked example problems (I know lots of good books on waves, though!).

    good luck

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    I actually looked into Bekefi and Barrett since it is/was one of the recommended book @MIT for this course. However, one of the reviewers (at amazon i believe) mentioned that it didn't have many worked out problems.

    I would look for a general intro Waves & Vibration textbook and solution manual as you suggested...but i've only been taking this course for now 3-4 weeks...and i'm doubtful i'll make a right pick. If someone (in particularly if they're familiar with A.P French's Vibration and Waves) can suggest a book, that would be nice.

    thnx jasonRF :)

    p.s. also, it would be kwel if someone knows any other university that uses this book and has a webpage for this course...preferably with some problems/solutions that i can work on. I'll try to google this myself later on.

    edit: did the googling part myself, stumbled upon bunch with homework set/solution, examset/solution...and even notes...bookmarked...these will be helpful.
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    what was the site you found?
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