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Victory Day

  1. Dec 16, 2003 #1
    Victory Day !!!

    16 December is our Victory Day - On this day, after the nine month long independence war with Pakistan, the occupying armed forces of Pakistan formally surrendered to the allied forces of Bangladesh and India.


    I am enjoying with all my friends and relatives of our country :)
    And now want to share with you all my PF pals :)
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    I thought at least anyone of you know about it [b(]
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    Re: Victory Day !!!

    Hi Moni, so how was your celebration? What are some typical activities for such a day?
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    Re: Re: Victory Day !!!

    Hi, Moni! I would like to know this, too! That first site was an interesting history lesson. I was in high school when this was going on but never really learned what it was all about. For some reason, I couldn't access the second site. I'll try again later.
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    Congrats Moni It was a great victory

    but still good amount of our land is occupied by Pak
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    Re: Re: Victory Day !!!

    Thanks Monique for your interest :)

    My enjoy of the celebration was exellent :)

    At night in our national stadium the solders blusted bombs and tank shoted to the sky :)

    Next morning, I went to enjoy kids game contest organized by our area :) There was also painting contest among them....these kids really done well... :) Our are commissoner gave prize to them...

    In the evening...I with my friend went to War Cemetry...to remember them...and their works and dedication towards our country :)

    This is my experience...this year :) Hopy you liked :)

    And there are many national activities all over the country...

    Our prime minister freed pegions to declare the day very morning...and in our national stadium PM enjoys parad of the Solders :)

    And ofcourse all national parites..and all the general ppl went to our sign of proud monument : Shrtishoudho


    Thanks again :smile:
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    That is a really big celebration :) Good initiative of you and your friend to go to the War Cemetary..
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    Re: Re: Re: Victory Day !!!

    Thanks Tsunami too, for your interest :)

    if you want to know about it I'll inform you

    for now you can look at these.....and you'll understand why it is so important to us:



    Thanks again :)

    Monique you can also visit them to know about it...and you'll feel what tragic days ppls past here....

    I don't like war actually....I think it should not take place at any corner of this beautiful world :)
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    I know..... :wink: :wink: :wink:
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    Re: Re: Re: Victory Day !!!

    Moni! What a STUNNING monument that is!! What do you know about the design concept? (What it represents?) Can you go inside of it? If yes - what is in there?
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