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Video about calabi-yau

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    "The Science of Chi"? Stillpoint is a "holistic spa" in London. He's rambling about "quantum consciousness". It has little, if anything, to do with physics.
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    In fact it's from the course "SCIENCE OF OM, CHI & CONSCIOUSNESS" which you can find at their website.
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    After about 11 seconds, it's is obvious that the level of the talk is negligible compared to the level necessary to even begin a discussion.
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    i know the title is quite stupid but in the video he doesnt talk anything about "Quantum Consciousness" but only about how calabi-yau is connected to other 4 dimensions and his explanation is rather interesting. i just dont know how much of that is true but from logic point of view it makes alot of sense
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    Curiously enough, their website says this about the instructor:

    " Mark spent 11 years as an Aerospace Maintenance Engineer, working on and testing flying military combat helicopters. His understanding of, and ability to identify, systems within nature, has brought forth a new interpretation of quantum mechanics – an independently derived variant of Bohmian mechanics, it contains several aspects of M-theory. With the assistance of an ex NASA Astrophysicist, the theory is currently being mathematically represented and investigated."

    I wouldn't hold my breath though. The trick with these new age presentations is that you're supposed to like them and think they make sense on an intuitive level. Unfortunately, "intuition" and "making sense" has historically proven to be bad guidelines for science.
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