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Video brightness problem

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    I was wondering if someone might be able to diagnose and help me correct a problem I have with viewing videos online. It really is, i think, when I try to play .avi files? For example, when somebody links to a video on google, when I play it, the images is waaay to dark for my screen. I've tried adjusting the brightness in my display settings, but that brightens everything but the video. I don't see where I can adjust it on the web page itself, unlike windows media player, where I have a seperate control panel for brightness.

    As far as what I'm working with here is windows XP. I have an ATI radeon 9200 video card. My monitor is from an old compaq Presario that I have kept using even though I'm on my third computer. Now I'm thinking it's my monitor, am I wrong?
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    The video drivers on my pc explicitly recognize the AVI window. They can brighten or darken that area of the screen. Kind of annoying because they don't always recognize when another window is on top.

    Don't know if your display controler/drivers have this capability. But it's a thought.
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    It sounds like a very good thought. Perhaps there is something I'm not doing right, but AFAIK, I've tried everything I know how to do. If it's not too much trouble, care to explain how you adjust yours and maybe I can duplicate?
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    OK, I know computers hands down. Just the other day I fixed a printer that wouldn't print. This monitor should be easy.

    Turn up the voltage in your electricity until your monitor looks right.
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    Don't know about your ATI system, it may or may not have this feature.

    Try opening "Display" in control panel
    Look into the accessory programs in the ATI directory.
    One of those might be a menu system like I have.
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    Maybe I should just remove all the tubing I wrapped around my computer tower that I'm using to heat my basement.:biggrin: <you'll probably be the only one who gets that, Dave>:biggrin:
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    I do have a menu system and that allows me to adjust the brightness. I tried it again this morning and it turns out I am able to adjust the brightness to where I can see the video, it's just that I'm turning it up to 100% brightness to see it. This, in turn, brightnes up everything, (windows, taskbars, etc.) Perhaps, I'm not explaining my expectation here well enough. Is there any way to adjust the video itself without adjusting the rest of the screen? The only way I know how to do it is my downloading it and playing it in Media player, which has a spereate brightness feature. That's just a pain in the rear and same with adjusting the brightness in the control panel every time.
    So I guess, in summary, would a new monitor be the cure-all? Or is there a seperate reason why videos on you-tube and google just play dark when the rest of the page displays perfectly fine?
    Thanks again for your time, NoTime.
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    Look for a setting called "Video" or "Overlay".
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    There is a tab in my settings titled "overlay". Clicking on this tab gives me a message:
    "The overlay controls are automatically activated during playback of any video file that supports overlay adjustments."
    It won't currently allow for movement of the brightness slider here. (but there is one) I'll suppose that it's because I'm not viewing a video file. Let me try something. Thanks for the suggestion robphy.
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    Well that didn't work either. I tried both going to you-tube and viewing a video, then trying to access the overlay tab, and also playing an .avi file in quicktime that I have saved doing the same thing. Neither one of them allows me to adjust the brightness using the overlay feature. I get the same message when I click on that tab.
    Probably have to buy the quicktime pro or something.
    I appreciate all your suggestions. Thanks again.
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    If your overlay function is similar to mine

    You have to click on the overlay icon, then place the cursor on one corner of the area you want overlay.
    Click-hold draging the mouse to opposit corner of area.
    On mine you see a rectangle expanding as you drag the mouse.

    Once you do that then the overlay controls will work.

    If you don't have an overlay icon then you need to install/activate this feature.

    Edit: Mine seems to recognize 5 classes of application
    Independent of having to set an overlay.
    Thats a separate menu.
    And each class has its own brightness settings.

    Somewhat of a pain because it doesn't always recognize which app is on top and you get different brightness squares showing in the top app.
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