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Video Card Flickers/Blinks

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    I recently bought a GeForce FX 5200 for a secondary computer. I installed as suggested and the screen flickers slightly now. i've read that there are some adjustments that can be made to the bios but i am unsure as to how to do this. does anyone have any ideas? the screen comes up fine but some of the edges and more colored regions of the screens seem to flicker in and out. any help is appreciated.

    the card connects via PCI-express.

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    I would probably blame the monitor before the card, do you have another monitor you can test it with? It's also worth checking the cable and connectors.
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    When does it flicker? All the time? During games?
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    Try going to control panel -> Display -> advanced settings -> monitor.
    If your refresh rate is 60Hz that explains the flickering.

    If it lets you, try changing to a higher rate like 75Hz.
    If it won't, then you need to download the driver for your monitor.

    If you can't find the monitor driver and you know the modes your monitor can use then you can try overiding this setting in adapter -> modes.
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