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Video cards

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    I am building a new computer and i was looking at video cards. They have tv out on them and i am wondering if anyone has ever used one, and how it looked on a standard tv.
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    I have a laptop with TV out that I use to watch dvd's on a tv. It looks great. Many video cards (or separate add-in cards) also have tv tuners for watching and recording tv on your computer. Also a nice feature.
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    yes for dvds and downloaded videos there grovy but dont expect to be able to read text off ur tv

    unless u have a hdtv, id suspect thos are capable of displaying text. but most tvs cant, they dont have enuf pixels like computer screens
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    ok, i have tv output on my graphics card and i have hooked it up to my tv quite a bit. using it on your desktop on your comp it looks very fuzzy like because of the resolution but like said dvd's look great. games also look quite good.
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