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Video Converters

  1. Mar 9, 2008 #1
    Does anyone know of any decent, free video converter, mpg to 3gp/mp4 ?
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    My experiance with all free video converters is that they will not convert a whole file, they will only do a part of it becuase it is the free version. Most require you to buy the software for the full conversion. However, I use YASA, and it works out fine for me (converting videos for my iPod).
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    Just google "freeware video converter" or similar and you should get some good hits. Its suprising the amount of awesome software available for free in full versions.
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    I couldnt find it on the net but once "Digit-Your Technology Navigator" magazine provided free "Plato mpeg to 3GP converter which was a freeware.I could convert videos to 3GP. I am not sure of the mp4 format.
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