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Video editing software

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    Can anyone recommend me any free video editing software.I have some avi video clips which I want to edit.I want to circle some objects on the video and add in texts as the video clip plays.

    I saw some people doing that in youtube.Anyone can tell me what software they using?
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    I'm guessing you're looking for something free, in which case searching around on www.downloads.com[/url] will probably get you what you need. [URL="http://download.cnet.com/1770-13631_4-0.html?tag=mncol%3Bsort&query=video+editer&searchtype=downloads&filter=licenseName%3DFree%7Cplatform%3DWindows&filterName=licenseName%3DFree%7Cplatform%3DWindows&rpp=10&sort=popularity+asc"]Here is a sample search of video editing softare sorted by popularity[/URL]- you can see that Windows Movie Maker is free and very popular.
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