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Video game of the year?

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    So: I do a "game of the year" poll every year. The poll gives you a list of nearly every game released last year, and asks you to make a list of your favorites (up to your top 20). If you would like to vote in it (and if it's okay for me to link this) you can click here to vote.

    For comparison, here are the results from last year and here's the breakout of just how the physicsforums users voted (linking just for fun, only 8 people from physicsforums voted).

    My silly little poll script aside: What were your favorite games of 2008? In my case I think my favorite would have to be either Mega Man 9 or World of Goo.
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    I haven't played any games that were made in the last year. :-/
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    According to gamespot... it's Metal Gear Solid 4.

    However, I have renounced gaming for my study (not completely...) and have barely played any game for the past ahm...3.0±0.5 years...I'll have to say Smash Brothers Brawl since it's the thing that gets me going after almost falling asleep reading some books.
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    Dead space.

    That game is one of THE scariest and most intense games I have ever played.
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    Kind of a toss up isn't it?

    Gears of War 2

    or Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise

    Which to choose?
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