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Video Games

  1. Jun 29, 2006 #1
    I dont play video games anymore, but I did when I was in middle school. This is the car games I grew up with, Gran Turismo1

    This is what I grew up with! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rolleyes:
    Keep in mind, this used to be the latest and greatest! :cry:

    granturismo2_ps1_05.gif :cry: :cry:

    This is what all the spoiled little brat kids have now-a-days,

    http://www.gamers.fr/jeux/pgr3_xbox2/01.jpg [Broken]

    It took me a long time to realize that picture was not real. :approve:







    http://www.gamerevolution.com/oldsite/previews/screens/ps2/gran_turismo_4/gran_turismo_412b.jpg [Broken]


    http://www.gamerevolution.com/oldsite/previews/screens/ps2/gran_turismo_4/gran_turismo_410b.jpg [Broken]



    http://1.im.cz/hrej/screenshot/92/25992.jpeg [Broken]

    http://www.intelsucks.net/GT4/GT4-12.jpg [Broken]

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  3. Jun 30, 2006 #2


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    Where are these games? I have not seen one with such good graphics...

    ...except for zelda on the NES :rofl:
  4. Jun 30, 2006 #3
    quiet you spoiled little twerp!

    I still have my nintendo with the original owners manual and warranty card! AND the duck hunt gun....:cool:
  5. Jun 30, 2006 #4


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    I still have my NES with the owners manual and the duck hunt gun too...and I also have an SNES:approve:
  6. Jun 30, 2006 #5
    You sir, have great taste, for a kid... :approve:
  7. Jun 30, 2006 #6
    here is the trailer

    http://image.lik-sang.com/trailers/gt4_hires.mpg [Broken]

    http://video.yahoo.com/video/play?ei=UTF-8&p=gran+turismo+4&b=13&oid=1476e7312683968e&rurl=www.archive.org&vdone=http%3A%2F%2Fvideo.yahoo.com%2Fvideo%2Fsearch%3Fei%3DUTF-8%26p%3Dgran%2Bturismo%2B4%26b%3D11&vback=Results [Broken]

    It's like your watching tv!


    http://video.yahoo.com/video/play?ei=UTF-8&p=gran+turismo+4&b=35&oid=1933b62a635fd28e&rurl=www.gametrailers.com&vdone=http%3A%2F%2Fvideo.yahoo.com%2Fvideo%2Fsearch%3Fei%3DUTF-8%26p%3Dgran%2Bturismo%2B4%26b%3D31&vback=Results [Broken]
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  8. Jun 30, 2006 #7


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    You will have buy some real wheels Cyrus, these kids games are for nurds
  9. Jun 30, 2006 #8
    Yep, I don't play video games anymore because I'm not willing to shell out 300 bucks for a new system. I'll just take my real car out on the road and drive if I feel like it :approve:
  10. Jun 30, 2006 #9


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    you can get a gamecube for $100
  11. Jun 30, 2006 #10


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    A game cube had 1 to 6 on the faces when i was a kid.
  12. Jun 30, 2006 #11
    Gamecube dont have these graphics.
  13. Jun 30, 2006 #12
    I've heard that the upcoming PS3 is going to cost about 600$ and it comes with a 60 GB hard disk. With that much money I guess you can almost buy a used car !

    I personally love the Grand Theft Auto series from the third installment onwards . Has just the right mix of everything.

    To run the graphically intense games shown above on a PC, I guess you need to buy good graphics cards as well, which can still cost a fortune .
  14. Jun 30, 2006 #13


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    Do they still make games for my Megadrive?


    edit: my girlfriend wouldn't be too impressed if I came home with a PS3 :tongue:
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  15. Jun 30, 2006 #14


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    I have been astounded at the pace of graphics development recently. I wonder if its anything to do with all those Shrek type movies. Anyway the best looking I found so far for all you FPS fans is the new Crysis game. if you google that I promise amazement will ensue.
  16. Jun 30, 2006 #15


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    This are the driving games I grew up with:

    First there was...

    Then Atari's Night Driver came along...
    http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/0/0d/Night_Driver_2600.png/160px-Night_Driver_2600.png [Broken]
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  17. Jun 30, 2006 #16


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    I had a little red wagon and a hill.:frown:
  18. Jun 30, 2006 #17
    <----Gran Turismo4 and Forza addict:rolleyes:
  19. Jun 30, 2006 #18


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    this game is still awesome:

    http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/3/3a/Legend_of_Zelda_NES.PNG/256px-Legend_of_Zelda_NES.PNG [Broken]
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  20. Jun 30, 2006 #19
    Zelda's great, but I think the game of last century was Super Mario .
    Anyone here who hasen't played the game ?
  21. Jun 30, 2006 #20


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    Super Mario 3 was the best
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