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Video movie problem

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    hey guys,

    Here is the problem....i downloaded a video in avi. format....I played it in winamp and it worked well......Then i transferred it to my laptop and tried to play it in winamp and all that happens is that i can hear the sound and see no video....whats happening???? All other videos work well....

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    Most likely cause is you are missing the particular codec on the laptop that the file need.
    The .avi designator is kind of a catch all. The actual stucture of the file can vary.
    When a pgm opens the file it looks at the file header to determine which codec to load to decode the video.
    Audio is a separate codec and you can have the reverse happen. You see the video with no sound.

    I'm going to guess that you don't have the laptop on the net. If you did then winamp might try to donwload the right codec.

    You could also have a corupted codec or the file transfer went bad.
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    A good directshow decoding filter which has the ability to play many codecs is ffdshow. It works in the backgound for practically all media players.

    Ffdshow is used by many videophiles because you can manipulate the video real time.

    You can download it from sourceforge.

    Wikipedia:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ffdshow" [Broken]
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    Thankyou all for the help,

    Ill download Ffdshow and try to change the format of the video and see if it helps.....

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    No need to change the format, once you installed ffdshow the video should play just fine in whatever player you use.
    If it still does not play then if you like and it is "for all eyes" you could post it on one of those free internet spaces and I will take a look at it. :smile:
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    you could also download gspot codec appliance to find out which codec your missing and get it
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    You are right....I downloaded the program and installed. After that i just used winamp that i used to use and it worked pretty well..:smile: Im glad it did. HOwever i discovered that there was a little degrading of the actual quality of the video, which does not bother me much......It works and im happy:smile:

    Thankyou MeJennifer and everybody else who has helped me....:smile:
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