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Video of a cloud phenom

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    Caught this on Youtube. At first I thought it was a camera aberration, such as a drop of water on the lens. But the effect is independent of camera movement.

    Anyone know what's going on here? Is this effect something between camera and cloud, or is it really something up at the cloud level? If so, what? The text has a hypothesis by a meteorologist.

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    that was plain weird
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    I thought this was good.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Yeah - there's also a link to supporting examples.

    It does look like water on the lens or some transparent sheet between the camera and the cloud - but the meterologists' suggestion looks good from here.
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    light is moving not the cloud it is most likely a reflection of some thing from directly around the photographer. Maybe even a watch on their arm..The source of the light of course is not in the camera view it is off to the side were it partaly reflects off the lens.

    One of the reason a good lens hood is used.
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    it appears the video is being taken through a peice of glass. the moving cloud is just an image behind the camera reflecting off the glass. if a cloud moved that erratically it would also cause movement in the clouds around it because of air flow.
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    No. As I pointed out - and you would have seen if you'd watched the whole video - the phenomenon does not move with the movement of the shot. It stays in the same spot in the sky, regardless of how much the camera moves.

    That categorically rules out any phenomenon related to the camera.
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    This is the only non-genuine-phenomenon explanation I can think of. But it would require the assumption that this is a hoax.

    There is no assumption that any cloud is moving.

    What is moving is (ostensibly) just refracted light paths as ice crystals get reoriented.
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