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Video on entanglement

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    i saw a video on entanglement but one thing confused me
    for a two electron system the possible states were described as 6
    |u,u> , |u,d>, |d,u>, |d,d> plus two more states

    i didnt get which two more states are there besides the above
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    Re: Entanglement

    There are actually an infinite number of states possible. The states you mention form a basis of all possible states. We can form superpositions using these basis vectors. In general:

    [tex]w |u,u\rangle+x |u,d\rangle+y |d,u\rangle+z |d,d\rangle [/tex]

    is a valid state. ((w,x,y,z) are complex numbers, and the state needs to be normalized as well)
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    Re: Entanglement

    There are an infinite amount of states, depending on how many particles are invovled.
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    Re: Entanglement

    And these infinite number of possible states MAY give rise to an infinite number of alternative universes...the multiverse...
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