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Video snapshot - please help

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    video snapshot --- please help!!!

    I've got this video in the mpg format, and I'd like to take an image from this file so that I can work with it. Here's what I'm doing:

    1. I hit "print screen" and paste that into paintbrush.
    2. I select just the video image (using the selection tool).
    3. Once I copy it, I paste this selection into a new document. Unfortunately, the image from the video gets stuck. The only thing that moves around is a black background which wasn't selected in the first place and needs to overlap my image from the video so that it can be seen.

    It shouldn't happen. I'm having trouble now that I've changed the OS from windows ME to windows XP (using windows media player). :cry:

    Probably, you guys know a way out. Any help is highly appreciated.
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    I did a google search and found that you need to disable video acceleration in windows media player. Then you can use print screen
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    Thank you so much. It works!
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