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    I don't know how much resources this would take, so I'm not sure if it's feasible or not, but I think it would be better if instead of marking all posts read every time you visit, it only marks the one's you actually read. Sometimes I have a couple of minutes, so I come to see what has new posts, and there are more than I have time to read, but when I leave and come back, it's marked them all read on me.
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    It's been suggested before and the answer has been it takes too much resources. :smile:
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    There's no way to make it optional, and store the information in the users computer?
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    Max cookie size is about 4kb
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    Using more than one cookie doesn't work?

    I guess you guys probably already thought of this stuff, huh?
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    As one of the people who brought it up before, I can relate. My first request was to have the same lines of code that hilite threads as "unread" treat each thread seperately (obviously, I know very little about programming or what consumes bandwidth or hard-drive space). Then, I thought that perhaps the information could be sent as a cookie, and came against the same limitations just mentioned. So now I'm wondering if it could just treat each Forum or SubForum as though it were a seperate site.

    Then I thought that I could write a program that would take up space on my hard-drive, and not the server, but I'm totally lame and can't figure out how to do it. If such a program could be written, it could be offered as shareware somewhere in the Forums, and people who wanted to could download it. Hey Greg, the software that hilites the threads that have new posts every time I visit; did you write it, or was it part of a package you bought? If you bought it, is there any legal way to alter it?
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