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How it is possible to capture photographs of milky way. I mean just take a case that we can't take photos of Earth while being on it. For it we have to go out of earth.

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Same way it's possible to take photos of new york from the brooklyn bridge - we are near the edge of the galaxy, if you look toward the core you see the majority of the stars in it.
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it is true that the Milky Way cannot be viewed in its entirety (spiral configuration and all) without being completely outside of it. this is the reason that every photograph of the Milky Way you've ever seen looks like a broad band of stars, gas, and dust running across the sky, with no discernible spiral configuration from within. if you've seen a photo of the Milky Way depicted as a beautiful spiral entity, rest assured it was an artist's or computer's rendering, and not the real thing... other words, the only way to depict the Milky Way in its entirety is to make a false rendering, or perhaps wait several million years for one of our artificial satellites to venture far enough from the plane of the Milky Way to take a true picture. in this case, the satellite would have to be tens of thousands of light years above or below the plane of the galaxy. and once the picture is taken, it would take tens of thousands of years to transmit the picture back to Earth for viewing. so at the very earliest, we wouldn't see a true photograph of the Milky Way taken from outside of it for at least another several million years. at current, i know of no satellites on such a mission.
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Ok. I got my answer. Thanks to both

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