Vinegar electrolysis

  1. I tried vinegar electrolysis using 2 copper electrodes and 9v adaptor
    it gave dark brown material on the (-) electrode
    blue solution
    what is the blue solution? since i used white vinegar (which contains water) could it be copper hydroxide?or copper acetate?
    what is the brown material on the cathode?
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  3. Borek

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    Blue is most likely copper aqua complex.
  4. ? what is this exactly? is there an exact formula of it?
  5. Borek

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  6. Thanks for this infos
    But why is it aquo? why not acetate or hydroxide ? how can i make sure it is aquo and not another copper compound??
  7. And another thing
    Is this aquo the same thing as colloid?
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  8. Borek

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    Hydroxide is a solid. Some copper acetate complex is possible, but how much - depends on the vinegar concentration and complex stability constants.

    No. Hydroxide is a solid, aquo complex is a dissolved cation (whatever the counter ion is).
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