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David Ben-Ariel

Violence planned against "settlers"

December 27, 2003

A sovereign Jewish State/Federation.



Our contacts have reported that the following has been introduced by the
people preparing MEGA YAMIT.

IBA "B" reported, in three consecutive reports following the Geha
Junction islamic mass murder assault that GERMAN EXTREME RIGHT
WING Jews were those that performed the bombing.
(Refer to the IBA "B" records)

We have received information leading us to suspect the spontaneous
nature of the presently occuring clashes between the police and Tzahal
and fundamentalist UNJews.
We conclude that is highly possible that both events, the IBA "reports"
and the orchestrated clashes are SET UPS in preparation of the
planned assaults against Jewish homesteads in Yesha by the
UNJewish forces.

The following has been taking place:

Thursday, December 25, 2003 within minutes of each other...
Tzahal terminated in Gaza 5 Islamic murderers...
The Islamic squads perform the Geha bombing in Israel.
The IBA "reports" about puported German Jews involvement in the Geha

Friday, December 26, 2003 a group of Israeli residents indentified with
Meredz most extreme branches performed a coordinated action
to "draw" fire against them by the Golani Brigade in the "Fence"
areas. One of the extremists was wounded on his leg by a sharpshooter.

Saturday, December 27, 2003 there are "demonstrations' by the same
in Kaplan Street in TA.
The site of the IMoD.

NOTICE: Those are suspected not to be, repeat, not to be spontaneous
demonstrations nor spontaneous "reactions" by Tzahal and the police.
It is suspected that those activities are carefully orchestrated performances
to form the basis for the use of firepower against Jews later on.

The generals and thir associates, including the purported "demonstrators"
can now say that VIRTUAL TZAHAL is "just as tough" against one
as against the other...


Shmuel HaLevi,

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