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Homework Help: Violin String and Waves

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    [SOLVED] Violin String and Waves

    1. A violin string of length 0.33m and mass 50g is under a tension of 40N. A violin player touches the string a distance L/3 from one end, which produces a node at that point. What is the lowest frequency that can now be produced on the string?

    2. I have several equations but they involve the funamental frequency

    3. I tried solving this problem using the equation f1= 1/2L sqrt[F/mew] where mew is the mass per unit length. For the L i used 0.33- 0.33/3 to get 0.22m. This is the part I am not sure about. Is this the new length or is something else up. Thanks!b]
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    There are effectively two strings now, with the same T/mew ratio. The lowest note would be the fundamental harmonic of the longer portion.
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    great, so i did it right. Thanks!
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