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Vipers amazing theroy on life in the universe

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    The universe is infinite so that means that there are an infinite number of planets. Some of these planets are known to have no life on them so there must be a finite number of planets with no life. Divide infinite by finite and you get a number as close to zero as can possible be. So theres no life on any planet.
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    1) The word is 'theory,' not theroy.

    2) Infinity - any finite number = infinity. Infinity / any finite number = infinity.

    3) The universe is generally not regarded as infinite.

    - Warren
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    infinite and finite are meaningless unless you have a frame of referance ,who is going to be brave enought to formulate that referance?
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    Prove it. And infinite spacetime != infinite matter.


    Incorrect mathematics.

    Is this a joke thread?
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    It took a thicko like me a whole week to work that out!!!!!!!!!!!!111
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    I think Viper was just having some fun (right, V?)...no need to jump down his throat. That math error has been pointed out and I think that's sufficient for this topic. Infinity can be discussed elsewhere.
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