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Schools Virginia Tech Physics?

  1. Jan 20, 2017 #1
    So I have already committed to going to Virginia Tech. I have focused my whole associate degree in mechanical engineering around me going to Virginia Tech and studying engineering.

    I am now considering majoring in physics, but with VT pretty much being my only option for schools (going to UVA means taking like 6 extra liberal arts classes that I really don't feel like taking), I feel like I am in a bad position.

    I am wondering how good VT Physics is? I currently have a 3.97 in my associates of mechanical engineering and I graduate this semester, so I think I will be able to go to a very good grad school as long as I keep it up when I transfer. I just want to make sure that I'm not screwing myself over by going to VT for Physics instead of engineering.

    I am interested in astrophysics and cosmology
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    VT is a fine choice for Physics, and it is one of the better schools for Physics in Va and in the entire southern US. I love the location also.

    I'd be happy for any one of my own children to major in Physics or Mech E at VT. So your choice is really about your long term goals and the balance between career options and grad school paths with the undergrad degree you choose.

    Graduate with a 3.97 GPA in Physics from VT, and add some research experience and good recommendation letters along the way, and I think you'll have a good shot at a number of top 20 grad schools.
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    I took many courses in Physics, Aerospace Engineering, and Electrical Engineering throughout the 1980's -1990's. VT is a very good university for Physics, and Engineering. It has a good reputation. It will be a physics training for any grad school in the country, (psb world) if you desire further education.
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