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Virginia Tech. question

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    When I read some of the posts in the math section I notice that people mention that they hate being at virginia tech blacksburg......is it really that bad there? I know they have had a couple of random acts of severe violence in the past few years (days)....I'm just wondering if there was anyone who reads these forums who go there and have anything useful they could tell me about what it's like living there or going to school there.
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    I'm surprised to hear this too as it has such a highly ranked engineering program. I mean sure, it IS Virginia but its not like your living in the UP at Michigan Tech (went there my first year).
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    Once on a trip my husband and I thought we would divert off 83 to have dinner in Blacksburg. It's a heck of a long way off the highway, and VT looked vacant (since we're academics we were curious and drove by.. another reason for the diversion).

    But yeah.. we aren't fond of MI either. Or really where we're at -- TN. Of course, if you're a student, things are different than if you're an adult. Students should be studying... All the time... Living in the library studying other thing while not studying course-related work.
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