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Virial theorem

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    I am reading Virial theorem from Wikipedia.

    It states in astrophysics, virial relations are:

    3/5 GM/R=3/2.....

    I want to know how this 3/5 and 3/2 value comes from?

    If somebody can explain the step by step deduction of the Virial theorem in Astrophysics......


    -- Shounak
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    Why not look it up yourself? The book Galaxy Formation by Malcom S. Longair has a derivation in section 3.5.1 (page 63). Actually, you can even read this section as part of the Google Books preview:


    I also seem to recall that Caroll & Ostlie (the huge orange textbook that many undergrads majoring in astro use) has a section on this as well.
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